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API Information
Updated every 10 minutes.
Allowed 5 requests per 10 seconds.

Only accepts the "GET" request method.

NEW - Formatted JSOn to work with TF2 Bot Detector - Returns a detailed JSON table of bot SteamIDs that were detected in the last 24 hours. - Returns a detailed JSON table of bot SteamIDs - Returns all bot steamids formated with "banid 0 " infront of the SteamID. - Returns a simple list of every bot SteamID. - Returns an html page but all of the SteamIDs are hyperlinks and direct you to the ID's profile.

If you want details on SteamIDs.

JSON Variable information:
bot - will always remain true in the entry.
last_seen - the unix timestamp of when the bot was last seen.
detections - the amount of unique submitters that detected this steamid of being a bot. is_stale - returns true if the account hasn't been detected as a bot for a while.

If you wish to seek information on how RijiN's bot detection works please look here: Bot Detection

- SteamID data provided by this website is only the known bot list not the known cheater list.
- False positives in the bot list will only be cheaters. Not legitimate players.
- This will be the only list for TF2 where no human submissions where done in any of the lists provided here.

TF2 Bot list generated by RijiN Solutions